Adventures Offered

Guiding For A Cause: Funds from R & H Outdoors guided trips are used to grow the Outdoor Education Program at Future School of Fort Smith. We pride ourselves on removing barriers of entry to the outdoors for the high school students of Fort Smith.

Outdoor Climbing Full Day

Full Day of Outdoor Climbing for up to 12 participants. Appropriate number of Guides to Participants, all equipment Included.

Sport Climbing 101 and 
Gym to Crag

Have you been climbing in a gym and want to expand outside or have you been on a day trip with us and want to learn more? This course is for you. We will cover everything you need to get climbing outside on your own.

Trad Climbing 101
Anchor Clinics

Trad 101 will take a competent sport leader and help the transition into traditional climbing. 

Anchor Clinics take a competent trad leader and focus in on anchor building, transitions, and tips and tricks to smooth out and speed up anchors.